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Masturbation Month: A Gift to You, From You

Masturbation Month: A Gift to You, From You

It’s Week 4 of Masturbation Month and we’ve gotten pretty damn good at this self-love thing. Last week we recommended a sex toy for men that makes HJs and stroke sessions something truly special, and this week we’re turning the tables and giving the gals a sexy gift they should send to themselves. Because you deserve it, ladies – and let’s be honest; your fingers could use a break.

The last few weeks have brought us the Soft-Touch Bullet mini vibe, the award-winning Screaming O Vibrating Ring and the hand-tastic Paco’s Taco™ stroker for men. Now we’re going to shine light on one of the simplest, yet most popular mini vibes on the market – the Fing O® finger-fitted mini massager.

This little gem stretches to fit on any size finger and turns your entire hand into a vibrator. (Yes please!) Most ladies start by using their pointer fingers to get the job done, but the Fing O turns it up several notches to give women the same tactile control but with the enhancement of vibration!

It’s powered by our best-selling Bullet vibrator, which is encased in a super-soft body-safe silicone blend with one of three textures to choose from – Wavy ridges, Nubby dots, and Tingly “fingers.” And it’s reusable with replaceable batteries, so the Fing O will last way longer in the sack than you will – and it’ll always be ready for round 2 (and 3, 4 and 5).

Plus it’s compact, portable and easy to conceal so no one will know what you’ve got up your sleeve (and strapped to your finger). So treat yourself tonight with a BFF that buzzes – you’ve got one more week to make the most of Masturbation Month!