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Masturbation Month: Tonight’s a Party for 1

Masturbation Month: Tonight’s a Party for 1

Week 3 of Masturbation Month means we’ve gotten well into the self-love swing and given our respective bits a solid workout. But the month ain’t over so we’re gearing up for this week’s focus – the phallus! This one’s for the guys (ladies, we’ll get you next week) so take notes and clear your schedules.

So far we’ve recommended the Soft-Touch Bullet mini vibes and fun ways to turn up the heat by double-fisting a vibrator and vibrating ring. Now it’s time to pay attention to the mighty penis and give your hands a hand.

Sure, stroking it with your strong arm is the way you’ve always done it. And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But what if we told you that you could up the ante with a no frills, no fuss sex toy that fits comfortably (and discreetly) in the palm of your hand?

Check out Paco’s TacO. Yeah, it’s a funny name, but look at it. It’s a freakin’ soft taco you wrap around your “meat” for a healthy helping of feels. Its unique open-faced design makes it easy to control the tightness and stays put with textured finger-grip grooves to keep it in place no matter how rigorous your appetite gets. No fake orifices or squishy tubes to stick your dick in – just a simple and super-soft sleeve that’s easy to use and keep clean. That’s right; Paco’s TacO is reusable and satisfies every time with second and third helpings greatly encouraged!

So set the table with the perfect “get off and go” product for men. Tonight it’s gonna be dinner for one.