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Masturbation Month Week 2: Vegetables vs. Vibrators

We’re in Week 2 of Masturbation Month and by now you’ve probably worked out all of your kinks and gotten into the celebration groove. It also happens to be International Clitoris Awareness Week so if you aren’t already, start making yourself aware over and over and over again.

You’ve got three more weeks of Masturbation Month to go so get ready to get rid of another one of your homemade DIY sex toys and trade it in for something special that The Screaming O has up our sleeves!

Last week we showed you how to give your fingers a much-deserved break with the FingO finger-fitted mini vibe to replace that old thimble you used to hide by your bed. But this week we’re digging a little deeper, so to speak!

The Vegetable

You’re not the only one who quietly giggles at the sight of a long, thick and slightly curved cucumber. You’re also not the only one who keeps one in the crisper at home for emergencies of the masturbation kind.

But this month don’t waste quality produce when you can have a customizable sex toy that bends and twists in any direction you want – and has a powerful vibrator that feels better than even the most girthy root vegetable.

Meet the Ogee, a multipurpose customizable massager with a flexible core that lets you bend, twist and curve it to fit your unique shape and contour to hit those hard-to-reach spots that no zucchini or cucumber can! Powered by a super-strong bullet vibe, the Ogee buzzes for more than 80 minutes and is made of body-safe materials that won’t go rotten.

So leave your veggies for eating and your Ogee for sexing and make Week 2 of Masturbation Month something to remember!