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Make Mother’s Day Memorable With The Screaming O

It’s almost Mother’s Day, a time to remember and appreciate all the women out there who’ve birthed, nurtured and/or supported us and managed to stay sane while doing it. Motherhood is quite possibly the most difficult and stressful job a woman can hold – certainly on par with being President or a brain surgeon – and today is the day to thank them for their hard work.

Flowers, candy and bear hugs are usually the go-to gift on Mother’s Day but we at The Screaming O have some other ideas up our sleeves.

Now we’re not telling you to buy dear mumsy a vibrator (unless you’re into that). But think of all of the other strong women in your life who are full-time mothers and part-time superheroes who somehow balance saving the world with mopping up spilled milk! Wife, partner, sister, best friend – they all deserve a reminder of their sexy selves and here are three powerful and discreet sex toys that’ll give the mom brigade the alone time they need.

1. O Balm® Stick
This discreet mini vibe is cleverly disguised as ordinary lip balm – something no mom leaves the house without sticking in her purse or pocket. With a single-speed motor and quiet vibration, the O Balm Stick is the perfect travel toy for the mom on the go who wants to avoid the prying eyes and curious fingers of her little ones. It looks so much like lip balm, no one will know her secret!

2. FingO
Sometimes the only personal time moms can find is in the bath, which is why this waterproof gem is the perfect sex toy for the busiest of the bunch. The FingO is ergonomically shaped to fit her finger like a glove and turns “me” time into “oh my!” time in the shower, bathtub or anywhere she pleases. Its compact size makes it easy to hide when the kids are around and simple to use when it’s time to play!

3. O Balm® Warming and Cooling Balms
Motherhood comes with a healthy dose of stress and sometimes it’s hard to get in the mood even when the time is right. That’s why O Balm Warming and Cooling Balms are genius! These two unique topical balms naturally enhance sensations right where it counts with a warming sizzle or cooling tingle (choose one – or try both!) that will rev her engine faster than any foreplay. It just might change her sex life!