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Masturbation Month Week 3: The Toy for a Bright Smile

It’s week 3 of Masturbation Month and we’re officially over the hump (pun intended) of this wondrous celebration of self-love! At this point you’ve traded your thimble in for a FingO finger vibe and that girthy cucumber for a bendy Ogee vibrator and don’t bother telling us how much you love them. We just know.

The Electric Toothbrush

This popular part of our daily routine has been adapted by most women with a brain and full set of teeth into a tremendously effective personal vibrator. Don’t believe us? Ask five women if they’ve ever bought an electric toothbrush to polish their lady parts instead of their teeth – someone’s gonna own up to it!

We’ve had our way with an electric toothbrush (a clean one, of course!) more than once and reaped the benefits over and over. Who doesn’t enjoy a smile that’s as bright as it is white? But now it’s time to save yourself some cash and awkward talks with your roommates (“Don’t use that one, use THAT one!”) and pick up vibrating Mascara from The Studio Collection.

Meet your new favorite Mascara, a powerful mini vibe with a flexible Tingle Tip that amplifies vibration wherever you touch it. The unique soft bristles feel amazing on the skin and let you pinpoint exactly where you want to feel it the most. Plus its clever styling keeps your sex toy incognito so you can leave it out in the open without worry – it looks so much like regular makeup, even your nosiest friends won’t suspect a thing!

And the best part? You don’t have to keep your toothbrush separate from your “toothbrush” anymore. You’ll save yourself time AND embarrassment!