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Masturbation Month Week 5: Tickle Yourself Pleased


It’s the final week of Masturbation Month and the calendar gods have given us four more days to finish what we started. Each week we’ve outed a different do-it-yourself sex toy and exchanged it for a better, stronger and (let’s be honest) cooler version, and we’ve save one of our favorites for last.

But first, to recap, we’ve tossed out your old thimble for a FingO finger-fitted vibe, saved the zucchini for dinner in exchange for the Ogee bendy vibrator retired your electric toothbrush for a Studio Collection Mascara vibe and thrown out your nail polish for a super-powered mini bullet. Now it’s time to brush your shoulders off and get ready to blush.

The Feather Duster

Admit it. If you haven’t tried it, you’ve at least wondered what it’d feel like. Nothing gets a girl in the mood faster than the sensation of something soft running up and down her skin, which is why a feather duster is part of a crafty gal’s DIY toy box.

But let’s face it. It’s kinda gross. Not the act – that’s kinda awesome – but the tool itself. Feather dusters are, well, dusty and there’s really no way to keep on of those clean. But don’t fret just yet, because we’ve got a Screaming O instrument of OMG that’ll tickle, tease and leave you blushing for days.

Meet the Studio Collection Makeup Brush, a clever little mini vibe that looks like something you’d toss in your makeup bag or keep in your purse for touch-ups. And it’s so discreet you still can!

This little vibe buzzes for more than 80 minutes and features a steady strong vibration and a pulsating “please” mode to kick things up a notch. (Replaceable batteries are included!) Plus the multi-length flexible “bristles” transfer vibration at different intensities for ultimate tickle time as you glide it up, down and all around your body.

And when you’re ready to take it all the way simply rotate the brush on its side for intense vibration that will make you forget what those old feathers ever felt like.