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Masturbation Month Week 4: Polish Yourself Off


We’re starting the 4th week of Masturbation Month and rounding the carnal corner of this most stimulating of holidays. And staying true to our word, we have another DIY sex toy that you can toss out the window in exchange for a much more effective instrument of OMG – courtesy of The Screaming O!

We are sure you love your new FingO finger vibe and most likely have worn out the batteries in your Ogee vibrator and Studio Collection Mascara vibe , but before you think you’ve seen – and felt – it all, check out the next little buzzer we have lined up!

The Nail Polish Bottle

There’s nothing quite like the smooth sensation of gliding one of these up and down your lady parts (with lots of lube included, of course) and it’s kinda fun knowing your favorite shade of red can flush your face the same color. But once you make the carnal commitment, you might want to retire it into the medicine cabinet along with your other former masturbatory tools. (Electric toothbrush – we’re looking at you!)

Instead, satisfy your sense of style while keeping your cosmetics safe and sound with the tease and please power of the Soft Touch Bullet! It has the same rounded and smooth feel as your beloved polish bottle but with a powerful micro motor inside that will turn your brain upside down as you diddle – in a good way, we promise!

With a powerful 4-function motor, silky smooth coating, and 5 bright jewel tones to choose from, you can bid adieu to your trusted nail polish bottle and only look back the next time you need your nails done.