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New Sex Toys for Couples Turn Quickies into Colorful Affairs


Add some vibrant vibration to your spontaneous sex sessions with ColorPoP Quickies, colorful renditions of our most popular and easy-to-use disposable mini vibes, and couples toys! We took your favorite shapes and gave them a brilliant boost with neon hues that inspire the high-voltage sex life that you all deserve!

The ColorPoP Quickie Ling O is a colorful version of the most popular vibrating tongue ring on the market – choose from hot pink and radiant orange – and turns lazy lickers into cunning linguists. That’s right: this disposable oral sex enhancer turns your tongue into a vibrator for a tingly twist to one of the best ways to get (and go) down!

ColorPoP Quickie LingO
The ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O PLUS is a disposable cock ring for couples that can provide a more pleasurable experience, now in brilliant blue and radiant orange colors!  The mini vibrator at the top stimulates her clitoris to help orgasms come easier, and once you’re both spent, simply toss the couples sex toy in the trash. No evidence!

ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O Plus
The ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O vibrating ring is the award-winning sex secret that helps couples have better, more satisfying sex, and now you can choose the vibrant vibration that fits your sexual style. The ring is incredibly stretchy and comfortable and keeps the motor in place no matter how wild your romp might get! Choose from hot pink, brilliant blue, radiant orange, or neon green and enjoy the ride!

ColorPoP Quickie Screaming O Vibrating Ring
The ColorPoP Quickie Two-O is a double version of our award-winning Screaming O vibrating ring that couples rave about, now in brilliant blue and neon green. We added a second mini motor at the bottom for two-times the vibration power and to give him special stimulation on and around the perineum, a sensitive pleasure zone often ignored during sex! (It’s hard to reach back there without help from a sex toy, anyway.) The ring is just as stretchy as its single-motor counterpart and is so easy to wear. Just turn it on and get to work!

Everyone loves a good ol’ quickie and now they’ve gotten a little more fun. Try our new disposable ColorPoP Quickie couples sex toys and feel for yourself what all the buzz is about!