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Introducing FingO Tips, the Tiniest Mini Vibe on the Market!


Who knew getting laid could be so cute? We’ve officially unveiled the teeniest, tiniest mini vibe on the market just in time for the fall fornication season. Our new FingO Tips are small enough to hide in a pocket but powerful enough to provide essential stimulation right where it’s needed most. Simply stretch the band around your finger and place the tip comfortably in the divot to essentially upgrade your finger to sex toy status!

We decided to make a mini version of our top-selling FingO finger vibes to give couples a less conspicuous, low commitment mini vibe that engages every erogenous zone you can touch. These colorful micro vibes are so small, you might almost forget that you’re wearing them – until the grand finale comes, of course. Try it to relax, soothe and stimulate for pre-game foreplay, nipple massage, titillating teasing and full-contact clitoral vibration that’ll put her over the edge!

Plus, tiny FingO Tips are perfect for travel, on-the-go fun, and those sexy times when a full-size vibrator just won’t work out. Pop one in a pocket, purse or carry-on and at first glance, curious eyes will confuse the colorful packaging for pretty much anything other than a sex toy! And when you’re done, dispose of the evidence and get on with your day. No one will know a thing!

BONUS: You’ll be pleased to know that FingO Tips are made of the same quality phthalate-free silicone blend as The Screaming O’s top-selling and award-winning vibrating rings, but with a discreet and disposable design that makes FingO Tips as convenient as they are cute. So what are you waiting for?