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Put Mood Light at Your Fingertips With the FingO Glow

There’s a new sex toy on the block and this one not only makes you scream with delight, it’ll also help you find your way home in the dark. Put the candles in the closet and don’t bother with fumble flashlights – we’ve got a little glower that will change your sex lives forever!

The FingO Glow is a fun spin on the classic popular finger-fitted mini vibrator the FingO, but this one sets the mood light right with a blissfully bright LED light that transforms the bedroom, backseat or whatever dark crevice you’re exploring. (Ew. You know what we mean.)

In three colors and three textures to choose from, the FingO Glow lets you put pleasure and power at your fingertips while matching with whatever color fits your sensual mood.

You can even wear one on every finger so you can watch AND feel what happens when your hand glows in the dark. We’ve tried it – we promise you’ll save a ton on your electric bill this year. You’re never going to want to turn the lights back on.