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Romantic Gift Exchange: Skip the Beach & Get Wet at Home

Romantic Gift Exchange: Skip the Beach & Get Wet at Home

You've got 8 days until the big V and there's barely a week to find the perfect romantic gift that will leave a lasting impression on your relationship – and not your wallet.

Don't get sucked into the Hallmark doldrums (steer clear of anything heart-shaped…unless it vibrates, we suppose) and stick to romantic gifts that really inspire romance. Earlier this week we told you to trade in your fancy flowers for a Big O vibrating ring, and this week we’ve got a sexy (but still romantic) gift idea that’ll leave both of you reaching for a towel.

Gift Exchange #2: Beach Day

If you're one of the lucky few who aren't snowed in and surrounded by icicles this season (Los Angeles, we're eyeing you), then chances are you might be thinking about hosting a romantic beach blanket date this V-Day. Sounds like a good idea, and it certainly works in Annette Funnicello movies, but you’re not the only coastal couple who thought about celebrating in the sand.

No matter how bubbly the Champagne or how colorful the sunset, the romance quickly fizzles when you can hear that sappy couple cooing 10 feet to your left. And that other couple canoodling eight feet behind you. Besides, it only takes one grain of sand in your teeth (or some other orifice) to ruin the moment.

Instead, stay home with the O Wow Double Wammy, a vibrating ring with TWO super-powered bullets on each end – one on top for her pleasure and one on the bottom to stimulate the oft-ignored nether regions. We recommend that you take this couples toy into the shower and get wild in ways you could NEVER get away with at the beach. The O Wow Double Wammy is completely 100% waterproof and keeps buzzing no matter how wet you get – plus you can remove one or both of the bullets and use them as your own personal mini vibrator. A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t get more versatile than that!