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Romantic Gift Exchange: Skip the Flowers and Make Her Moan

Romantic Gift Exchange: Skip the Flowers and Make Her Moan

You've got 10 days until the big V and chances are you haven't really thought about it yet. (No shame, neither have we… until now, of course.) But that gives you time to skip the usual routine – flowers, candy, glittery baubles – and show Hallmark that you’ve moved onto bigger and better things.

And that’s why we're here! For the next week or so, The Screaming O will show you how to trade a traditional present in for a truly memorable romantic gift that 99% of the time ends with an “O” face. Sounds good, right?

Gift Exchange #1: Flowers

Flowers are pretty, and everyone loves a fresh bouquet – but they're a hassle to keep alive. They wilt and flop, and if there’s a cat in the house, your once-beautiful blossoms will become a late-night snack (and early-morning mess) before you have a chance to enjoy them.

Plus, a dozen roses don’t come cheap, so trade them in for a Big O – a gift that keeps on giving and gives you way more bang for your buck.

The Big O vibrating ring helps bring couples closer (literally!) by enhancing their sexual experience with powerful vibration, all in one compact shape. With a vibrating motor specially positioned for her pleasure, you and your loved one are in for a memorable night…or morning…or afternoon. You’ll never think about sex the same way again, and you’ll probably want to stock up on batteries to keep the buzz going way after V-Day is done. The Big O will bring the spark back to your relationship – and keep it there – way longer than any fancy flowers can.