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Sanitary Sex Toys: Disposable Pleasure Products for Your Sexual Health

At Screaming O, your pleasure is at the heart of our business. But did you know that we also care about your sexual health? Indeed, we do! That is why some of your favorite Screaming O playthings are sanitary sex toys - best described as disposable pleasure products for your sexual health. Our hygienic sex toys let you share those big-Os... and not gems, yeast and other undesirable bacteria.

What Are Sanitary Sex Toys?

Screaming O’s sanitary sex toys are high-quality pleasure products that are designed for a single night of erotic fun. Afterwards, you simply dispose of the sex toy and use a fresh one for your next romantic rendezvous. Plus, our sanitary sex toys are bedroom BFFs with these amazing benefits:

  • Budget friendly while maintaining the highest quality standards

  • Provide you with stimulating, O-inducing thrills, together or sol-O

  • Individually wrapped for cleanliness

  • Travel friendly for exciting O’s on the go

How Sanitary Sex Toys Keep Your Naughty Bits Healthy

Not all sex toys are created equally, as they are designed and produced using a wide variety of materials that feel amazing against your most sensitive areas. However, some of those materials that are used are slightly more porous, creating an adult toy that could harbor yeast and bacteria within the microscopic openings on their surfaces. Therefore, without meticulous cleansing, you could end up with an infection.

For instance, porous sex toys can hide yeast, E. coli, salmonella and other little nasties that can lead to urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections. And, even with regular cleaning, the materials can eventually dry out and break down, creating more places for harmful bacteria to hide.

So, when you use our sanitary, disposable pleasure products, you can rest easy after your arousal knowing your most erogenous body parts will stay safe and healthy.

Screaming O's Sanitary Sex Toys

All of our adult playthings are body-safe, budget friendly and made to excite, delight and satisfy your most passionate sexual desires. However, our sanitary sex toys give you that added peace of mind knowing your naughty bits are extra safe and healthy. And you’ll be delighted to know that some of our most popular playthings are indeed sanitary, disposable pleasure products!The Screaming O cock ring was dubbed “Top Product” and “Best Ring” by Women’s Health Magazine and continues to be one of our most popular products. It is also our #1 disposable pleasure product. Made of phthalate-free SEBS, the same material used in diaper elastic, toothbrushes and athletic mouth guards, the Screaming O cock ring is comfortable, super-stretchy, and disposable. 

Plus, the Screaming O cock ring packs the power of a mini-vibrator that turns him into a one-of-a-kind vibrating plaything while giving her intense clitoral stimulation with every single str-O-ke. The Screaming O comes individually wrapped, making it hygienic and travel friendly as well as having a price point anyone can afford.

Finally, you can get more bang for your buck by grabbing our Screaming O cock ring 10 Pack. Yes, that means 10 nights of a more pleasurable experience, 10 nights of mind-blowing O’s and 10 nights of worry-free sex as you toss the used ring and open a fresh one the next time. Best yet, buying the 10 Pack saves you money that you can use for that extra special Screaming O sex toy you’ve always wanted.The Screaming O’s FingO Tips are also made of stretchy, safe SEBS and are the perfect size for multiple O’s on-the-go. Simply slide your fingertip into the stay-in-place strap and enjoy textured clitoral stimulation and erogenous zone exploration powered by our powerful mini-motor.

Our FingO Tips are budget-friendly, hygenic and disposable for the ultimate in erotic and healthy sexual adventures. Our FingO Tips come in regular and Color Pop fun colors to add a bit more variety to your bedside toy box or overnight bag.

Protective Pleasures From Screaming O

Enjoy our entire collection of protective pleasures from Screaming O for discreet, individually packaged sex toys that take care of your most pr-O-vocative needs as well as your sexual health. Be sure and try our Colorpop Quickie Screaming O cock rings, Screaming O Plus cock ring and our tantalizing tongue vibrator, the LingO, for affordable, disposable and sanitary pleasure products that will take your intimate life O-ver the top!