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Screaming O Introduces Happy Happy, “O joy™” joy

Start jumping for Ojoy because, well…you’re gonna be O-ing with (presumably) a lot of joy pretty soon after he straps this guy on.

There’s no motor. No batteries in sight. You’re going back to your roots with the Ojoy, and I mean way back – like when you first realized your thumb and index finger were capable of a lot more than hitchhiking and picking your nose.

The Ojoy stretches around the cock-and-balls like every other cockring, but what makes this guy most appealing is its silent but heavenly function – the extended top part, traditionally meant for some kind of buzzing motor device thing, features a series of firm tickler dots and a curvature on the underside that essentially cradles whatever finger you feel like using that day/night.

So basically instead of tiring out your (or his) finger while you’re going at it (especially when she’s on top) the Ojoy is like having a comfortable pillow that does all the work for your hand.

No carpal tunnel here and no distracting buzz-zzz-z…zzzzzzzzzzzzz sound. Just lots screaming. The good kind.

Warn your neighbors. Or don’t…whatev.