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The Nudes A Poppin Festival 2010: Sunday And The Winners

The 2010 Nudes A Poppin Festival was held a few weekends ago in July and as we wrote in Part I of the story we had a great time on Saturday hosting the Sexy Pole Dance Contest and the Scandalous Women’s Oil Wrestling Championships.

Since the Nudes A Poppin show has been going on for 35 years there have been some changes and additions. The show began as a Sunday only one day event and in this story we are going to take you though the Sunday main stage competition.

On Sunday the crowd arrived early in the morning, at around 7am the gates opened to ticket holders and the Ponderosa Sun Club camp filled up quickly. We don’t have an official number of how many people were there but it was close to tens of thousands. By mid day the mass of people looked like a sea of cameras, coolers and excited fans ready to see all of the incredible stage shows that were planned for the day.

Just like Saturday the new “Ponderosa Strip” was filled with vendors at their tables and tents showing everyone their products, wares and best of all their girls. A lot of Midwest strip clubs bring a full load of their dancers to the event every year and before the stage acts begin the fans get a chance to meet them, hear about the clubs and take pictures with their favorite Exotic Dancer.

This year the hosts for the show included the Legend Ron Jeremy, Porn Star Sunny Lane, Bad Boy Dennis Rodman, Adara Michaels and me, Tony Batman. Every year there are different hosts for the show with the exception of Ron, Adara, and Myself who always seem to be there year after year after year. This was also Sunny Lane’s second year hosting the event.

As it is every year there was no shortage of beautiful ladies competing in the contests. Hundreds of Feature Entertainers, Porn Starlets, and Exotic Dancers came out to dance, strip, and compete for such titles and awards as Miss Nude North America, Miss Petite Nude North America, Miss Nude Entertainer of the Year, Miss Nude Rising Star, Miss Nude North America, Miss Nude Go-Go and several other titles throughout the day.

I had three hot friends that were there with me Krystal Harlow, Jenni Lynn, and Angelica Lane and it was the first time at Nudes A Poppin for all three of them. They all won trophies and all three have already signed up to come back for the 2011 show. It’s just that much fun they told me after words.  The A Entertainment News was well represented as well with photographers Martin Lopez and Ricky Rich making the trip to Indiana for us, and why not it has to be the most fun and entertaining weekend of the year, in our opinion of course.

This show is completely outside, the stage is outside in the sun and the heat and this can make a grueling day in the middle of summer. It’s a good thing the girls are all naked and the large pool at the Ponderosa Sun Club is so nice an inviting. There is a plethora of staff members and volunteers to make sure the girls are all safe, hydrated, fed, and on time for their scheduled stage performance. The show runs well thanks to its long history and the efforts of the people at the Ponderosa. It feels like you are part of the family all weekend long and this is probably one of the reasons the people, the hosts and the dancing girls keep coming back, year after year, after year.

All the shows were great and as we were leaving the Ponderosa Sun Club after the day ended and they fed us all dinner to say thank you for coming, we couldn’t help but think about how great next year will be. Next year’s show is scheduled for July 16th-17th 2011 and we must suggest you attend either as a participant, a fan or a photographer; we will all be back as well.