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“Sex and the City” Seeks and Finds the Screaming O

“Sex and the City”
While most groups of ladies bicker over who gets to be “the Carrie” of the “Sex and the City” quartet, The Screaming O has given Bradshaw a run for her Manolos with Dream Zone Entertainment’s “Sex & The City The XXX Parody: In Search of the Screaming O.” Cuz you know that sex fiend Samantha is the only one smart enough to be carrying around the world’s original orgasm machine (it’s proven science, people) and lord knows that stupid Charlotte prude wouldn’t have been caught dead with one on the show.

And that’s why Jesus made porno parodies.

Now all the women—and everyone else for that matter—can enjoy the super power of The Screaming O Vibrating Ring cuz there’s one attached to every copy of the DVD! Genius. Making it easier than ever to come again and again, especially knowing you’re gonna get pretty hot and bothered watching the movie.

This sexy satire features our favorite sex mavens: Monique Alexander as Carrie, Sunny Lane as Samantha (appropriate, that little blond nympho), Jewels Jade as Charlotte and Audrey Lords as Miranda. The gaggle spends much of the porn on the search for the elusive screaming orgasm, which translates to seeking and most definitely finding mind-melting orgasms.

In this flick we get to see these beloved characters in far more compromising shenanigans than HBO ever let them, and gives us front-pew (kidding) seats to watch the action between the sheets as they each sniff out orgasms like bloodhounds with the help of The Screaming O Vibrating Ring.
So whichever one of these New York fashionistas you fancy yourself, The Screaming O will get you trading your Jimmy Choos for “oooh oooh oooooooohs” in no time. You won’t have time to care; barefoot won’t feel so bad wince you’ll barely be able to walk. (From all the orgasms and sex...get it?)