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The Scream Team Sits and Spins At Lingerie Show

The Screaming O came up with yet another fun concept to promote is latest merchandising kit at this year’s International Lingerie Show.

(There’s a reason why we keep winning awards for our marketing genius!)

Celebrating our spinning display racks, which grace the counters and shelves of the country’s top adult stores, boutiques and even convenience marts, the Scream Team donned new outfits devoted to the spinner theme.

With propeller hats, short shorts and our tiny telltale red Screaming O tops, our bombshell babes sat atop classic Sit N Spin toys (remember those?) and had their fans spin them around for the chance to win a ton of prizes.

Maneuvering on those things certainly wasn’t easy, but boy did we get a LOT of people eager for the chance to send our ladies spinning into oblivion – oh and for the hope to take home free vibrators, fun toys and even gift baskets packed with The Screaming O goodies.