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Sex Burns Calories – So Bang Your Way to a Hot Summer Body!


Summer is coming up fast and getting swimsuit-ready is on the top of our mile-long To-Do lists. Jogging, hiking, gym memberships – they’ll all help tone and tighten but there’s a sexier, more satisfying form of cardio you can try that will keep you in shape all year long.

Sex sex sex! That’s right – sex burns calories and makes you sweat so add some fornication to your fitness routine and do it, do it, do it well. Whether you’re more of a foreplay fiend or a super-fan of sex standing up, you’ll be bending, twisting, and moaning your way to a hot summer body – and it won’t even feel like work!

Ever wonder how many calories you might be burning while you go at it? Well, we’ve done the math so you can get started on your Screaming O Summer workout. Check it out!

Making Out
30 minutes: 230 calories
Nothing gets you warmed up faster than a solid make-out session with the leading lady or gentleman of your choice. And 30 minutes will fly by if you do it right, so start hydrating and stretching your mouth muscles!

Get in the mood fast with KissOboo tingling balms featuring natural ingredients to arouse your senses as soon as your lips touch! Apply just a little to your lips and enjoy a deliciously sexy make-out session!

20 minutes: 87 calories for women, 107 calories for men
Now I’m not sure what the guys are doing that the girls aren’t, but put them together and you’re averaging about a York Peppermint Patty’s worth of calories with each hip swivel and ass grab.

Strip Tease
60 Calories
While 60 calories are nothing to sneeze at, we bet you can get your calorie count up to Kit Kat status (200 calories) if you take a cue from “Magic Mike” and add some hip-hop moves into the mix. Just make sure you haven’t tired yourself out before you get to the main event!

Oral Sex
100 calories
Now for you lazy linguists out there, we recommend adding some fingers to the mix to raise your calorie count while you boost her blood pressure. And while we can see 100 calories making perfect sense for cunnilingus, a giving good head has got to burn off more than a handful of M&Ms. That up, down, twist and swallow sequence is as much an ab workout as it is a cardio routine!

Stretch on a LingO vibrating tongue ring to take sensations to new levels of oral ecstasy while working out your mouth’s main muscle!

Missionary Position Sex
10 minutes: 250 calories
Men do most of the thrusting work in this position so more power to them and their calorie-burning goals. But ladies, don’t get lazy lying back and taking it (unless you’re still cooling down from your warm-up) because there’s some serious calorie-burning potential here. Raise your hips, keep the beat, and lift your legs to let him in deeper and you’ll be getting just as premium a workout!

Woman on Top
10 minutes: 300 calories for women, 130 calories for men
Ladies make it look sexy and easy, but riding on top takes concentration and quad strength! Up and down, swaying and squeezing – it’s all part of the up-top routine and don’t be surprised if you feel your legs start to quiver from fatigue just a few minutes in. But the key to optimal sexual fitness is endurance, so grind your way through it and in no time you’ll burn off a cupcake.

And guys – don’t sit back and relax too much. If you lift your hips to meet hers you’ll burn off that beer you secretly chugged at lunch.

Sex Standing Up
Up to 600 calories for both partners
Who needs yoga when you’ve got this? Sex on two legs can be pretty tiring but once you get into a groove you might limber up enough to touch your toes! It will take some maneuvering but once you get it right, stand-up sex is super fun and a major workout.

And to kick up the intensity a notch, try wearing a BangO vibrating ring around his package! Enjoy a little extra action from three weighted balls that dangle and swing with each sensual stroke – it’s like a dumbbell for his dick!

Up to 150 calories per session
Depending on how creative you get in your alone time, you could burn more than a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup getting down with your bad self. Add another hand and a vibrator the mix and you’ll get closer to your fitness goal before you can say “Oh!”

60-100 calories
The best workouts require no work! Your body can burn up to 100 calories all on its own for the perfect cool-down after a long, hard romp routine. Whether from a standing O-vation or a quick striptease, you’ve earned your orgasm – so let go, enjoy and bask in the next 30 seconds of ecstasy.