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Sex Toys For Swag at the National Convenience Store Show.

The Screaming O brought its fun and games to the National Association of Convenience Stores expo in Vegas and boy, did we make a splash!

This expo brings people and products from all over the country.  Any item you might find in a convenience store can be found on this show floor, and every year we collect more and more random goodies from exhibitors who take one look at our booth and say, “Gimme gimme!”

We call it the Toys for Swag program. Vendors with lucky rabbits foot keychains, plastic swords, tire pumps – you name it, honestly – flood to our Scream Team hoping to get their hands on some colorful vibrating goodies in exchange for their own wares.

This year’s Toys for Swag suitcase (how else are we gonna get this stuff back to the office?) brought in:

  • Funchos

  • 47 different energy drinks

  • candy bars (sustenance)

  • beer pong balls

  • chips

  • belly washers (huh?)

  • tummy ticklers

  • vaginal contraceptive film (yum)

  • redneck bottle openers (they fit on your hat)

  • fake fish

  • a “Go Meat” megaphone (finally we have one!)

  • 1 bag of charcoal (it was all he had, poor soul)

  • cookies (we needed nutrients)

  • and – our personal favorite – a Jesus Loves You air freshener, which we’ve hung over our front door to remind us all where we came from.

In exchange for everyone’s generosity we handed out free Screaming O Vibrating Rings to their delight. The Screaming O is known to bring the fun to NACS (you can suspect nothing less from us) and though we love our new balls, bars and bottle openers we must admit our swag was definitely the best.

Come on – what would you rather have?  Some charcoal briquettes, a singing fish (not a real one…that would be pretty damn cool though) and a Snickers bar or a handful of sex toys that’ll make you a super sex stud in only a few minutes?

We’ll give you a minute to decide…