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The Screaming O and our Scream Team brought the carnal carnival to this year’s ANME Founders show

ANME Founders show, a trade show that lets the best and brightest adult toy designers show off what they’ve been carefully hunched over during the last six months.

As always, we had something special to debut and we made sure our booth screaming the theme.

“I love thrill rides!”

We welcomed attendees to enter the Carnal Carnival and check out one of The Screaming O’s newest products made for…let’s say…the more adventurous user: WooHoo, PropellO, OJoy, BigO2, BangO and the OGlow Bullets.

As the Scream Team gave each person a VIP pass to the carnal carnival, everyone was challenged to a carnival game in the hopes of winning a Screaming O monkey to take home to their sweethearts.

We can proudly report that monkey business was darn good at ANME, and if you didn’t have a Screaming O monkey hanging off of your arm/bag/neck/boyfriend, you missed the best part of the show!