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The Best Mother's Day Gift Guide

The Best Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is a time to appreciate all of the hard working women out there who've birthed, nurtured and supported their families through the thick and thin – it's a 24/7 job with no vacation time, so give her the gift that keeps on giving: me-time!

Being a mom is rewarding, loving and a one-of-a-kind experience, so give her a gift that will help her get her groove back. Massagers and mini vibes are great for tired muscles and stressed-out minds, and chances are the mothers in your life could use a break – even a quick one – from their daily travails. So supplement the flowers, breakfast in bed, and bear hugs with a Screaming O surprise!

Check out the Women's Pleasure Pack, an all-in-one gift filled with the most popular sex toys that women love. Inside she'll find:


  • The FingO mini vibe that fits comfortably on the end of any finger and turns her hand into her new favorite sex toy!

  • Screaming O Climax Cream for stronger, more frequent orgasms and more satisfying sex with an all-natural formula that helps increase blood flow to her most sensitive areas.

  • KissOboo KissOmint sexual enhancement balm – rub it on lips, nips, and naughty bits for an invigorating tingle that helps turn her on fast!

  • O Balm™ Stick, a discreet mini vibe that looks just like ordinary lip balm – something no mom leaves the house without. Plus it's quiet and perfect for travel or on-to-the go thanks to its clever disguise!

  • Replacement batteries to keep her new Screaming O mini vibes and discreet sex toys buzzing without fail!

Now we're not saying you should buy this for your own mother, per se, however, think of all the other strong women in your life who are full-time mothers and part-time superheroes and could use a special treat this Mother's Day. Whether she's your wife, partner, sister, best friend – they're all sexy and they should know it. Need some other quick gift ideas? Try some of our other best-selling sex toys:

  • The O Gee multipurpose customizable massager with a flexible core that bends to fit every woman's unique shape. This patented design twists and contours any way she wants it for powerful clitoral or G-spot stimulation she'll love.

  • The Soft-touch Bullet is a sophisticated twist on a classic mini massager with a powerful multifunction motor and smooth surface that glides across her skin like silk! Choose from three speeds and one pulsation function to tease and please and buzz with the kind of vibration she won't find anywhere else.

  • The Studio Collection Lipstick Vibe is a discreet powerful mini vibe that looks like a tube of red lipstick so no one will know her secret. Its tip is soft with a “flex tip” design that feels incredible, and she can leave it in her handbag without anyone batting an eyelash. It looks that good!