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Masturbation Month: 2 Hands Are Better Than One!

Masturbation Month: 2 Hands Are Better Than One!

It’s week 2 of Masturbation Month and we have to imagine that you’ve gotten better acquainted with your nether regions by now – all in the name of celebrating a national holiday, of course. We’re kicking things into second gear and getting you prepared for the next level of self-love, so hold on tight!

Last week we started with the basics and recommended a Soft-Touch Bullet – with 3 speeds and a pulse function to keep things interesting – but this week we’re adding a second sex toy to the mix to make sure you’re making the most of your extremities.

You’ve been graced with two hands, so why on earth use only one while you get busy with yourself? So as you diddle around with your new Screaming O Soft Touch Bullet, take a Screaming O Vibrating Ring in the other hand and add a vibrating twist to the mix. Here’s how:

Ladies: You know what to do with your mini massager. Keep that thing close to your clit at all times and don’t look back. Now take your Screaming O Vibrating Ring (it’s won all kinds of awards, by the way…it’s the ish) and wrap it around the pointer and middle fingers of your free hand with the vibrating motor facing palm-side. Once you flip the switch, the vibration will transfer all the way up your fingers so that when you touch yourself – nipples, stomach, lips, anywhere you like – you’ll feel a titillating tingle that’ll send you over the edge.

And gentlemen: You’ve got your Soft-Touch Bullet in one hand (and on your balls) and your other hand occupied, but there’s still room for a Vibrating Ring to do its thing. Stretch the ring around your shaft and balls with the motor positioned wherever you like it most: under your balls for extra stimulation or, if it’s too much with the Soft-Touch Bullet buzzing, place the motor at the top of your shaft. When you switch it on, you’ll send hands-free vibration up and down your dick that will blow your…mind in minutes.

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring