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The Screaming O 2012 Calendar is Here

We’ve just finished the final photo shoot for our upcoming 2012 Screaming O Calendar and we can safely say there’s no hotter way to keep track of what day it is. We’ve taken everyone’s favorite ladies and paid homage to pop culture Americana with a very special pin-up style.

Remember the girl you loved to look at from across the drive-in? Or the cheerleader you wanted to ask to the prom? How about the girl next door who always left her curtains open when she knew you were home? We captured them all, and chose your favorite moments in time that capture the most recognizable elements of American pop culture history.

These were the people, places and products that helped define an era – a simpler, more conservative time that set the scene for a sexual revolution. And with this calendar The Screaming O is celebrating the past and present, as its award-winning sex toy and intimate accessory collections have already become part of a new pop culture generation.

Whether she’s sitting at the soda pop shop, checking her oil at the garage, or revving engines at the race track, these ladies embrace their sexy sides with cool confidence and definitive style and help stir this self-assured attitude from within us all.

Because the whole point is to remind our friends, fans and sex toy aficionados that every woman – no matter how conservative, collected, or composed – has a Screaming O Girl within.

Order yours now.