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The Screaming O Crosses Over to the Bright Side With XBIZ Award Win

We’re gonna have to get another mantel piece cuz pretty soon there won’t be any more room to present our golden statues and crystal figures! The Screaming O took home Crossover Company of the Year last night, an award that celebrates all the crazy stunts and partnerships we’ve made into the mainstream world.

You may remember our mini sex toys from such shows as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” “Leave It to Lamas,” “The Doctors,” “Sons of Anarchy,” and everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure “The Bad Girls Club.” We buzzed, blinked and twinkled our way into so many celebutante's lives we’re practically part of their families.

Held at the historic Hollywood Palladium theater, the 2011 XBIZ Awards were a glittery event with red carpet antics, photos galore, porn stars and their celebrity fans (Dave Navarro is always on hand). Champagne bubbled at The Screaming O’s VIP table all night as we sorta kinda patiently waited for our category to be called.

And to our delight – but not to anyone’s surprise – The Screaming O was called up and our head honchos took the stage and made us all proud under the hot lights. It’s a lot of work being this awesome, and some might say it ain’t easy. But it sure as hell is a lot of fun!