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The Screaming O Introduces Their New Vibrating Mini Buddies

We released our top secret new toy line at the Adult Novelty Expo this year, and once we had all of our banners and signs up, the cat was most definitely out of the bag, the new vibrating mini - Buddies are here.

Our 25-foot banner asked the universe “Who’s Your Buddy? Come Find Out at The Screaming O” and this caught the attention of pretty much everyone in the building. And when they came up to us to find out what the deal was, we handed each person a personal vibrator each in a different animal shape.

They paraded around the show with their Buddy stowed in their pockets but a flashy button shining bright on their lapels, which was enough to get anyone who hadn’t gotten the memo wondering where they can get their own.

Most people chose their own sex toy, but a select few had theirs personally selected by The Scream Team. They thought I should have the bunny. That might be because of my extracurricular activities…but not sure. But once the little Bunny Buddy turned on, it didn’t matter WHY they chose it. Those little ears started to tingle everywhere they touched and that, my friends, is all she wrote.