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The Screaming O Joins Ann Summers ‘I Scream’ Truck Road Trip Across Great Britain

Ann Summers O Face Screaming O

The Screaming O is copilot on Ann Summer’ I Scream truck tour, traversing all of Great Britain to bring free ice cream and sexy treats to excited fans and hungry heathens across the country. The famous UK adult retail shop has come up with a genius way to spread the sex toy word while enticing the masses with sweets and smiles, courtesy of the Scream Team and some delectable frozen treats.

But this ain’t your average Mr. Softee truck, no siree. Free cups of ice cream were drizzled with sweet flavored lube while excited fans were given the chance to win a set of Screaming O mini vibrators and adult toys in exchange for their very best, most authentic – and most ridiculous – fake orgasm face. And boy, are the Brits bold!

At each stop, the Ann Summers van is staking its claim in the center of the city with signature red-and-white “menus” showing eager fans what deliciously naughty treats The Screaming O is serving. And while everyone chooses their fancy, photographers are on hand to capture their O-faces and make them famous on the Internet. (Facebook, specifically.)

The Screaming O and the Ann Summers I Scream Van took off from Newcastle with a trajectory sending the team to Manchester, Liverpool, London and Birmingham. To the Scream Team’s delight, the crowds have been nothing but thrilled to take part in the festivities with a constant crowd surrounding the truck.

Knowing that only the most authentic, ridiculous and giggle-inducing O-faces make the cut in the contest, British Screaming O fans have made sure to make sweet, silly love to the camera.

Check out each city’s best O-faces at our Facebook page.