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The Screaming O Makes Safe Sex Sexier With the Vibrating Condom Ring

Ladies: When was the last time a guy told you he didn’t have a condom, or didn’t want to wear one, cuz he’s “not much of a condom guy”? Yesterday? Me, too.

Guys: When was the last time you begrudgingly – or even happily – rolled one on only to have half the sensation fade away? It happens. But it’s better than STD’s, right?

Well The Screaming O put together a little safe sex kit in the hopes that having safe condom-clad sex will be a bit more appealing thanks to the addition of a vibrating condom ring that, once put on after the condom, can enhance sensation for both him AND her during the act.

It even helps us lady-folk get closer to orgasm, which is always welcome.

We launched The Screaming O Condom Pack in a little box with an ultra-thin latex condom, little lube packet, and Vibrating Ring to make it easy – and portable – to have safe sex on a whim or on a road trip. It fits in your pocket and even a little clutch purse so no one knows it’s there.

It’s a safe sex, sex toy, plus it’s all disposable so if you need to hide the evidence for whatever reason, you can!