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The Screaming O Ring O Gives UK TV Show ‘Celebrity Juice’ Guests Good Taste

celebrity juice the screaming o ringo

The Screaming O made a surprise guest appearance on the telly with hit UK comedy talk show “Celebrity Juice,” when cheeky host Keith Lemon handed his puzzled co-host Holly Willoughby a few Ring Os without telling her what exactly she was holding.

Her hearing was conveniently impaired by noise-canceling headphones, allowing Lemon to lackadaisically inform her that what he was about to give her was in fact a cock ring and not a tasty treat.

But he made sure to mumble his “They’re penis rings – you put your penis in them,” warning so lip-reading wasn’t an option, and lo and behold, Willoughby promptly unwrapped a red Ring O and took a bite.

“I think it’s for your pleasure more than ours,” Lemon joked.

Embarrassed, Willoughby shoved the Ring Os back at Lemon and suggested he’d benefit more from stretching one on himself. And, as a good TV show host should, he turned his back to the audience (ah, British modesty) and attempted to do just that.

Fortunately, Ring Os are perfectly OK to be bitten – though we recommend having sex with them instead – and Willoughby’s irritated recommendation was a good one! The Ring O is all about delivering a more pleasurable, sexual experience – who wouldn’t benefit from that?

Watch a clip (starting at the 4:28 mark) here: