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Oxygen Network’s Dr. Sue Johanson Makes the BigO Vibrating Ring Her Top Pick Sex Toy of 2006

The Big O Cock Ring Package

The Screaming O’s gone big time! Dr. Sue Johanson from the Oxygen Network’s “Talk Sex With Sue Johanson” has named our very own BigO vibrating cockring one of her Top  Sex Toy Picks of the year!

Who’s Dr. Sue, you ask? Well she’s famous for, among other things, being the outspoken, educated and unabashed nurse and sex educator who’s been all over the media answering your questions about sex.

And she’s not afraid to do it. You can ask her anything – sextoys, vibrators, dildos – this little old lady knows way more than a thing or two about sexy time and how to make it work.

It’s an honor to have her recommend The Screaming O to her millions of fans, though we can’t blame her for giving the thumbs to the BigO (as in big orgasm) vibrating ring. It’s got the best of every world – the BigO’s comfortable, effective and gives him the vibrating hard-on that will give her the mind-numbing orgasm she’ll brag about at brunch with the girls the next day!