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The Screaming O Takes Vegas by Storm at the Adult Entertainment Expo

The Screaming O at the Adult Entertainment Expo

After getting our feet wet at last year’s adult entertainment shows The Screaming O was ready, eager and willing to stake our claim in Las Vegas for the year’s most famous adult entertainment expo. You know the one – it’s got the Oscars of Porn and attracts droves of fans by the thousands to meet their favorite sex starlets and get some adult novelty, sex toys, vibrators, and free swag in the process.

And when everyone got a load of The Screaming O – especially our flock of Screaming O girls in their red and white glory – we had to beat them off with sticks. Lines of fans and even business owners wanted to find out what all the moaning and screaming was about – we had Digital Playground star Devon and Vivid plaything Tawny Roberts at the booth showing their best O faces and having a little too much fun with the microphone.

The Screaming O Vibrating Ring’s already smoking hot, and with a couple of famous porn stars turning them – and everyone else – on in front of thousands of fans was enough to start the entire show floor buzzing.

Our feet hurt and we may or may be able to find our underwear and house keys, but The Screaming O team had the best Vegas week we could ask for. Just give us another year to knock your socks AND your shirts off – we’ve already got some debauchery in store.