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What Is A Vibrating Ring?

Most vibrating rings are made of round, stretchy material such as silicone, but some are made of a stiffer material, which are typically called penis rings or cock rings. Rings without vibrators attached are most frequently called cock rings, and cock rings with a vibrator attached are called vibrating cock rings, abbreviated to vibrating rings for mainstream appeal. The vibrator is attached to the base of the ring that would be nestled below the penis in order to maintain direct contact with the clitoris.

Many men, women, and couples don’t know that sexual intercourse (aka penetration) isn’t the only way to give a woman an orgasm. In fact, about 75% of women aren’t able to have an orgasm from just penetration alone.

And that’s where vibrating rings come into play.

The powerful vibrating motor at the top of the ring is positioned perfectly to make contact each time the man moves close, giving the woman clitoral stimulation, which can provide a more pleasurable sexual experience.