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The Single Girl’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

The flowers, Teddy bears, candle-lit dinners and all that mushy stuff is fun, but what do the rest of us do when we can’t find a man of the moment to fill Cupid’s shoes for just one night?

That’s why some clever (probably singe) lady came up with Singles Awareness Day, a time when we can all appreciate the times we don’t have to worry about anyone else but ourselves and maybe a cat or two. (Though that lady could have thought of a sexier name for this “holiday,” but we digress.)

We believe that the best part of any Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s Night and you don’t need a partner to make it memorable! All the singletons in the house stand up, put on your highest heels, and head straight to your favorite adult boutique and check out what The Screaming O® has put together just for you!

The Studio Collection® Box Set is a complete collection of the popular, award-winning chic and discreet sex toy and accessory line cleverly disguised as cosmetics made for the fashionista who keeps her style close to her heart. Each unique design was fashioned to fit women’s diverse sexual styles and encased in a beautifully crafted black matte box with elegant red foil accents and a FREE Studio cosmetic bag!

This Box Set includes 3-speed plus pulse multifunction vibrators disguised as Lipstick, Mascara and a Makeup Brush and a multifunction bullet hidden inside a mirror compact that looks like the makeup women put on every morning!

Also featured are O Balm® Warming and Cooling sexual stimulant balms cleverly disguised as eye shadow and O Balm® Gloss Climax Crème designed to look like stylish lip gloss. Each Studio Collection Box Set also comes with a Compact that discreetly stores 2 6-packs of replacement batteries, 2 bonus battery pack refills, and a FREE Studio cosmetic bag to keep unique items stored in secret.

The Studio Collection Box Set is the perfect way to make you and the rest of the world aware and excited that you’re single and loving it. It’s the Valentine’s Day gift for the woman whose true love is herself and doesn’t need all that mushy stuff to know she’s fabulous. Because frankly, who better to love and hold on this special day than YOU?! Love yourself – because only you know what you want and when you want it.