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4 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Couples Who Celebrate Sexy!

It’s that special time of year when couples come together to celebrate their love and devotion to one another, which usually means flowers, Teddy bears, chocolates and fancy dinners. And while those gifts are nice, they aren’t terribly original – which is why we are here to show men, women and couples a new way to celebrate Valentine’s Day The Screaming O way!

Our favorite part of Valentine’s Day is Valentine’s Night, so we put together four fun and sexy ways to spice things up without breaking anyone’s heart.

1. Fantasy Makeover. Every man’s fantasy involves his woman dressing up just like his favorite female hero (aka cosplay). Maybe he loves Star Wars and dreams of making out with Princess Leia. Or possibly the idea of getting down and dirty with a pirate maiden turns him on. What if his maid suddenly started to strip as she cleaned his kitchen? Every woman’s fantasy is to be worshipped like the goddess she is, and what better way to get him in the mood than a little fantasy makeover for his lady? TIP: Answer the door wearing that glittery cape or catsuit he never thought you’d wear and get ready to be queen for the night!

2. Cook With Aphrodisiacs. If you don’t feel like putting on a suit or pantyhose and spending $50 on a steak dinner this Valentine’s Day, stay in and experiment with a variety of foods known to light a little fire in your pants! Oysters are a classic, but since shucking shells isn’t part of the romance plan why not try for figs, dark chocolate, or even honey? All three are known for their mood-lifting and libido-boosting properties and make perfect edible accessories in the bedroom. Just watch where you put your sticky fingers!

3. Sex Toys. Any Kind. If you and your man enjoy good vibrations, then a quality sex toy is the perfect gift for you both. If you’re new to the idea, try something small like a Screaming O Bullet or a sexy and discreet mini vibe disguised as makeup from The Studio Collection. But if you’re ready to take your sex life to a new level, this is the perfect holiday to try out a vibrating cock ring.

Simply stretch the ring around his shaft and balls and turn on the vibrating motor to immediately feel a buzz. Not only will his naughty bits look bigger, bulgier and sexier the stretchy ring will actually help him stay harder longer. And that’s perfect timing, because the vibrator is there specifically to give her sweet spot some extra attention. With something for him and something for her, Screaming O Vibrating Rings give a whole new meaning to helping couples come together!

4. Practice Kama Sutra. We’ve all read about it but most of the time just giggle at the thought of contorting into a pretzel and hoping we still look sexy while we gasp for air. But the Kama Sutra has myriad sex positions for both the bendable and the stiff, giving us all enough to work with to make a memorable – and fun – Valentine’s Day.

You can even skip heading to the bookstore and spending some dough on something you’ll probably only read once. Instead, head online and start searching for Kama Sutra tips and tricks to find some common and recommended beginner positions so you can start practicing at level 1. Because while you and your partner want to try something new, you also want to wake up the next day without a crick in your neck.