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Upgrade Your C-Ring with the SwingO Sling!

Taint. Grundle. Perineum. Whatever you call it, it’s a part of the body that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. This part of the body – the little stretch of skin between the genitals and the anus – is a surprisingly sensitive erogenous zone for many people and, when touched or rubbed, can actually intensify orgasms to the point of breathlessness – especially for men. But it’s not always easy to reach, which is why we’ve created a new body-safe sex toy for men made specifically for this important purpose – and it’s called the SwingO Sling!

The SwingO Sling combines the pleasure of a cock ring with a special “sling” made to press against the perineum during sex for hands-free massage. It looks like a typical ring but with an extension on one side, almost like a duck bill, that features a solid silicone ball at the tip. This design feature provides the perfect amount of pressure needed to help intensify his experience with orgasmic results.

With the sling positioned against the perineum, the SwingO Sling presses pleasantly against this important erogenous zone with ease – leaving both partners’ hands-free to explore – for an enjoyable sensation that many men don’t yet know they love! Simply stretch the SwingO Sling around the penis and testicles with the sling positioned behind the balls for intended results. It should fit snug – but not too tight!

And for peace of mind: made of body-safe True Silicone™, the SwingO Sling stretches just enough to fit most sizes. This strong material has been lab-tested to confirm its body-safety and quality and give men and their partners an effective silicone sex toy they can trust.

It’s never been easier to experiment with perineum massage and the SwingO Sling handles the hard part so couples can focus on the fun at hand. So what are you waiting for?