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We’ve Made the Wearable Rabbit Vibe in XL Size!

We’ve broken new ground with a new version of our famous Ohare wearable rabbit vibe, now in a bigger size for girthier guys (or dudes who like a roomier cock ring fit). The Ohare XL is changing the lives of women and their partners with a unique take on the iconic sex toy made famous by vulvas around the world, though that special episode of “Sex and the City” certainly helped. And now with two different size options, this must-have cock ring can be enjoyed by even more people of all shapes and sizes. And that means more pleasure for more people!

We created a unique double-ring with two flexible “ears” sticking out of the motor, essentially turning the wearer into one of the most iconic vibrators in the world. Made of 100% True Silicone™ that’s been lab-tested for body-safety, these ears transfer powerful vibration directly to the clitoris using the same method celebrated by fans of the classic rabbit vibe, and it feels even better in cock ring form.

PRO TIP: We made the entire design out of firm yet flexible True Silicone to ensure a body-safe experience AND to give users a firm fit. Try using lube to help put the Ohare XL in place comfortably – it’s normal if it needs a little adjustment at first!

This dual-ring system helps keep the rabbit in place while providing the wearer with a more pleasurable experience. The new wider inner ring stretches around the penis while the girthier outer ring stretches around the penis and testicles, resulting in a secure fit that won’t budge and will put a special spring in his step. This extra-strength enhancement is coupled with targeted vibration via the rabbit’s soft ears, which tickle, tease, and cradle the clitoris thanks to a familiar and reliable sex toy shape.

The Ohare XL buzzes with 3 powerful speeds plus pulsation and puts a much-deserved modern twist on an iconic sex toy design. The cute rabbit is one of the most familiar sex toys in the world and we’re proud to have been able to incorporate the trust and pleasure that rabbits bring into cock ring form.

So hop to it and take a leap with the Ohare XL!