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A Sensation Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Felt

Cock rings are great for so many reasons. They can intensify pleasure, prolong intimacy, and even make his package look bigger and fuller – all from wearing a tight-ish ring around his dick and balls. So what if we told you we’ve taken the classic cock ring model and upped the ante for an even better experience?

Well, we did!

Introducing the Ring O 2, a one-of-a-kind stretchy dual-ring that isolates the penis and testicles to pay special attention to each sensitive area. It actually looks like a cock ring within a cock ring; the smaller ring goes around the shaft and the larger ring goes around the shaft and balls for an isolating sensation unlike anything you’ve ever felt. It’s thanks to a flat, wide band shape that makes the Ring O 2 fit so snug and secure – but not too tight! – and give the wearer an especially firm feel.

And the best part? You don’t have to be some kind of pro or super cock ring fan to wear it – or spend lots of money to buy it. The Ring O 2 is made for all experience (and income) levels and is so easy to put on (and take off) that you barely even need instructions. Though we do recommend some lube to make the process nice and smooth!

All lubes are compatible with the Ring O 2 because it’s made of stretchy SEBS material, which has been lab-tested and proven to be pure and body-safe. This unique material makes it easy to enjoy this slightly more intense cock ring experience without having to commit to an expensive device – and if you like it, there are plenty of other next-level designs to try next. (Some even vibrate!)

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