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A Safe Sex Soiree on The Sunset Strip With the Scream Team and Hustler Hollywood.

Another bit of genius from The Screaming O, this time with the Hustler store.

Sounds good already, doesn’t it?

Well a new campaign has come out of their brains and it’s to launch a Play Safe, Stay Sexy promotion alongside the Association for Safe Fun Sex. Working together, Hustler Hollywood store will host a bunch of evening and late-night parties to show the world the power of the condom, and that is IS possible to enjoy sex wearing latex.

The Screaming O has been tapped for our marketing prowess, and the fact that we created the Screaming O Condom Pack which is the ultimate little kit you can stick in your glove compartment or purse before you leave for a night out.

The kit has all you need for a super sexy, super safe romp. Condom? Check. Lube? Check. Vibrating penis ring? CHECK.

So rad – this ring vibrates with enough power to make his entire penis buzz like a vibrator and you’ve never felt anything like it. We guarantee it.

You may be wearing a condom but it’ll feel so damn good you won’t care.

And the best part about the events, besides the music, bar, fun and sexy women (always, it’s a staple if it’s a Screaming O event!) the Scream Team is on hand to offer everyone who comes (pun intended) a free Condom Pack!

And since Hustler stores are always located at the hub of local bar and club scenes, all you gotta do is stop by in between bar hopping and get your free kit before the night’s over.

It’s never been this easy to get laid and look – and feel – like a stud while doing it!