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Celebrating Freedom of Speech & Making Out In Public

So The Screaming O had a very special industry event to go to, this time on the sunny part of the west coast NOT in Las Vegas. It’s hard to remember that there’s business beyond those glittering lights and cha-chinging slot machines…especially when you spend half your time there.

So the Scream Team packed up their tiny red clothes and rather than hopping a plane, packed into someone’s cute Mini Cooper.

(It could’ve been a minivan actually, but in my mind I imagine the five blonds cramming into a small car and then suddenly realizing they forgot their underwear AND accidentally spilled water on each other.)

Anywho, the team convened at the wild and famous Whiskey a Go-Go on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood to join the porn world’s elite (we use that term loosely) and the Free Speech Coalition for a night of drinks and fundraising to keep the organization afloat and fighting for the right of free expression.

And let’s just say the ladies of the night certainly celebrated this right, and there’s photographic evidence to prove it. Let’s just hope (for your sake) that we’re within our rights to share them cuz MAN there’s some sexy lesbo action going on.

And all for a good cause.