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The PropellO Makes Our Heads Spin – and Yes, That’s Supposed to Sound Dirty

They’ve done it again and this time it’s crazier-looking than before. And at this point you can rest assured that the crazier it looks, the better it feels and the more you should plan on screaming later on. Do your neighbors a favor and keep the windows closed.

The PropellO is the latest member of The Screaming O’s Carnal Carnival, a cockring that gives him the same boner boost that all of the company’s cockrings do but this time with two vertical vibrators that act as dual-action stimulators for our most intimate bits of anatomy.

I’m talking about clits and taints, OK? Yeesh, I can’t be PC anywhere online these days.

So yeah it sorta makes his nether regions look like an olde-tyme propeller plane (gee, I wonder where they came up with the PropellO name…?) but you’ll forget what it looks like as soon as he starts the engine (sorry, I gotta keep going with this theme. It’s too fun.)

The vertical full-sized bullet has a silicone cover that’s got little nubbly bits on it that – yep, you guess it – give her clit extra tingles without wasting any time or space and the same exact bullet on the bottom of the ring is placed specifically to tingle against…well…her taint. Perineum. Fleshy Fun Bridge. It doesn’t matter what you call it as long as you’re enjoying it.

Think of it an all-access pass to the Carnal Carnival of your dreams. The dreams you don’t tell your shrink about.