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The Screaming O Double-Teams Las Vegas at Adultcon and ILS

Screaming O at Adultcon 2005


The International Lingerie Show is a huge conference for the adult retail stores that stock The Screaming O and is the place where the biggest names in sex toy and product design debut all kinds of new stuff for people to fornicate with.

Adultcon is a famous trade show where porn fans flock to see their favorite starlets, a boob or two, and to see what new sex toys are out there for them to test out.

So there we were, buzzing around at both shows and balancing our first Screaming Orgasm contest where Adultcon fans could take a stab at their best O-face-induced moans and groans on stage.

We also thought up the genius Vibrating Kiss contest where ladies and gents wore our Vibrating Ring in their mouths while making mouth whoopee to the delight of the huge crowd.

Everyone got free shirts and believe it or not (though come on, it’s a sex show) writhing sexcapades broke out on the Adultcon show floor as the vibrating electricity from The Screaming O’s hullabaloo penetrated everyone’s psyches.

The ILS Show was just a successful, just with less cleavage and a lot more business. The Screaming O left both shows with heads spinning and mouths grinning – you always know it’s been a successful Vegas trip when even your hangover feels happy!