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Screaming O Show Shows Texas How it’s Done

The Adam & Eve Store, Tony Batman, Shay Lynn, Stilettos Cabaret And Downtown McAllen Texas

How often does the average girl get to practice her dedicated deepthroat skills outside of the bedroom? Unless of course she’s some kind of kinkster who gets off on the risk of getting caught, but what about when you do it on stage? That doesn’t happen too often outside of Amsterdam.

And also apparently Texas.

The Screaming O Stage Show traveled to the Lone Star State and dared the southern audience to bring it to the stage, and O-faces and maniacal moans resonated throughout Stillettos Cabaret as women competed for a slew of free Screaming O stuff.

And those not on board for competitive entertainment, Schevelle was on hand to strut her stuff with her crew to dance and deliver the erotic goods. She’s impossible to resist…like the innocent charm of a Texas gal in hells asking for help pumping her gas.

(It happened to me once. I almost exploded.)

Stilettos is the first strip club in the area to offer the Screaming O Stage Show and will hold the event in both locations Sept. 10 and 11 at 9 p.m. Be there or be square…and probably bored, too.

You have to see all of the photos to appreciate the first two nights of the Screaming O Club Weekend  in the McAllen Texas area.

There is one more night (Tonight) to go but we had to show you whats been going on so far.. The Adam & Eve store was great, then we went downtown to a place called Vice with the Stilettos Cabaret crew. What a fun night that was.

Last night we did the full gambit  Screaming O shows, Blow Jobs and all,  and Shay Lynn performed twice on stage, which took up the entire night, so we had to do the after party with the guys at the Brownsville Stilettos.

We will have a full recap next week when we wake up, you have to hear the “Hey where did I leave my car” story