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The Screaming O’s Center Stage With Devon & Tawny Roberts

Adultcon LV 05

At our very first Adultcon show, The Screaming O knew we needed to make a major splash and boy did we. With the help of some super-hot porn stars who happen to love our Vibrating Ring, we left a lasting impression on a crowd or uber-fans and they’re probably still breathless!

Vivid Entertainment contract starlet Tawny Roberts and Digital Playground name-brand star Devon drew such a huge audience with their slapstick antics, they caught the attention of some reality show peeps who wanted to make their lives into the next big show.

Now a week later, a camera crew has come by to shoot a pilot and see how these two live their lives in such sexiness. They followed us to a photo shoot, hair and makeup sessions and even in the limo to hear insight from the girls and their manager on the way to a Beverly Hills mansion for a very adult party. It was quite a weekend.

But by the end of the whole ordeal the producers realized what happens in Vegas, on the way to L.A., and in the Hollywood Hills should probably stay there. And if it’s on tape, it probably should stay locked up. It’s just too good.