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The Screaming O Puts it All In One. (That’s What She Said.)

The Screaming Ovation

Stand up and cheer for the Ovation kit, the ultimate sex kit that’s so easy to throw in your bag just before you head to that “lunch meeting…” the one your secretary didn’t schedule for you.

When you’re busy and have a life less ordinary…or you’re just a horny mo-fo who’s pressed for time…you’ve got this little box with two sets of everything you need to make a special day/night/morning with your lover.

Two Screaming O Vibrating Rings. Four lube packs – two warming, two regular. Two condoms. Two sensual wipes. Even two mints. Honestly you’ve got all you need for some serious personal time on the go, and all you gotta do is dispose of the evidence and you’re good to get back to whatever/whoever you were just doing!

Just toss it in your bag before you leave for the day – or for a quick vacation – and couples can have the tools and supplies for an extraordinary night in together. No need for an extra stop to the drug store. It’s all here!

And The Screaming O guys obviously thought things through. You’ve got one full set of “needs” for when you finally get to your destination (whether it’s the hotel, apartment or supply closet) and another full set for when you’ve caught your breath, said, “Hi, how are you?” and read for phase two.