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The Teeniest, Tiniest Mini Vibes on the Market Are Now Neon!

We’ve taken our top-selling itty bitty mini vibes and turned them into bright neon bringers of pleasure, just in time for the sizzling summer sex season. ColorPoP FingO Tips are the tiniest tingling mini vibes on the market with a portable, discreet and 100% body-safe design that fits comfortably on the tippy tip of your finger.

These little vibes are powered by a micro motor that packs 13,500 RPMs into an incredibly compact shape that makes it easy to stimulate every external erogenous zone you can find. Think of it as an enhancement to your fingers, transforming your digits into powerful portable sex toys that can tickle, tease, massage and OHYESPLEASE your favorite pleasure points. There’s no one way to enjoy ColorPoP FingO Tips, which makes them as versatile as they are vibrant and cater to the needs (and desires) of everyone – and every body.

PRO TIP: ColorPoP FingO Tips are made of soft and flexible SEBS, a stretchy material that has been independently lab tested – and passed with flying colors – for purity, quality and body-safety, making these mini vibes 100% safe to use on and around intimate areas and delicate skin.

ColorPoP FingO Tips stay put with a stretchy strap and once the battery runs out, you can simply toss it away, which means these mini vibes are perfect for first-timers or anyone uninterested in committing to an expensive and complicated sex toy. And if you like ‘em, upgrade to their bigger and reusable counterpart: the original FingO finger vibes!

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